Corp Report: Efficiantum StreetCleaning

Area of Function: Sanitation

Number of Personnel: Approximately 200

Overview: Efficiantum StreetCleaning was once the most successful public cleaning Corp. But over the course of its operations, it has slowly been losing its share of its industry. A major loss came when the Corp invested heavily into experimental technologies, technologies that have thus far yielded no known results.

Despite its reduced influence and size, Efficiantum StreetCleaning has proven remarkably resilient to being bought out by its competitors. While its services have reduced in quality with its reduction in size, it nevertheless is able to remain solvent. Close investigation of its finances suggest that this continued operation are unlikely to be able to last indefinitely. Eventually, they will be forced to shutter their operations and lose their assets to more aggressive competitors.

Infiltration has been slow, but recently a member of the Corp has been approached to offer intelligence on the Corp’s operations. With luck, greater knowledge should be available within a few month’s time.

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