Personnel Dossier: Sam Westhall

Employer: Efficiantum StreetCleaning

Age: 31

Height: 5’11”

Status: Agent

Other Notes: Sam is a promising young Agent, despite being placed within a failing Corp. They demonstrate their capability in managing the affairs of the Corp. While their duties are largely above board, they have participated in a number of clandestine operations to sabotage the work of their competitors. They have also worked to gather information, and have access to a number of sources within the illicit world that have proven useful in the past. It is expected that whether or not Efficiantum StreetCleaning shutters operations, that they will be leaving the Corp behind for more lucrative work.

Personnel Report: Mayor Farshire

Employer: City Hall

Age: 63

Height: 6’2”

Status: High Autocrat

Other Notes: Mayor Farshire has ruled City Hall, and thus Efficiantum as a whole, for the last thirty years. She rose quickly through the ranks of the infiltrators and showed her skill at dealing with disloyal employees in a great purge five years before her assumption of the title of Mayor. She is known for being harsh but fair, and having a flexible mindset for dealing with the wide variety of problems facing Efficiantum.

She works in close conjunction with the Forthwright Plan, and uses the Gifted’s insight to help lead the city into a greater golden age. Despite her advancing years, her health is impeccable and she shows no signs of slowing down. If grace and fortune is with us, she will continue to lead for another two decades.

Personnel Dossier: Teri Wise

Employer: CrossCity SideSweeping

Age: 27

Height: 5’8”

Status: Cog (Agent Potential)

Other Notes: Of the employees of CrossCity SideSweeping, Wise demonstrates the greatest capabilities. She has, on multiple occasions, demonstrated exceptional skill in navigating the complex political field of her Corp, in addition to her skills as an accountant. It is believed that she has organized her fellow accountants into serving as an information source for her, granting her access to intelligence that would give her the ability to rapidly ascend the ranks if promoted out of the work room.

Personnel Dossier: Herbert Frankson

Employer: CrossCity SideSweeping

Age: 41

Height: 5’6”

Status: Cog

Other Notes: Frankson, known as “Herb’ to his co-workers has recently been promoted up the ranks to a position in headquarters. This seems to be a result of his hard work and long term service to CrossCIty SideSweeping. An alternate reading, though, suggests that this is an attempt to remove him from the local environment via promotion. Regardless, his record of service does not suggest any particular talent for handling office politics and it is likely that he will not last long in his new position.

Personnel Dossier: Maximillian Newell

Employer: CrossCity SideSweeping

Age: 25

Height: 5’8”

Status: Cog (Agent Potential)

Other Notes: Newell is a graduate of the Orphanage, and has shown exemplary marks in his primary and secondary schooling, allowing him to reach a relatively high position within CrossCity SideSweeping in a short period of time. Little has been observed about him in his current position, though, so it is unknown what future he has in the Corp. If he manages to make good on the promise he demonstrated in school, he may be the one to fill the missing Agent position.