Introducing the Efficiantum Project


Today, I am officially announcing the Efficiantum Project.

Those that have followed my social media recently have noticed me giving daily updates about a podcast that I’m working on. However, that podcast is only part of a larger, multimedia project. The podcast is the current focus and until it is finished, the other parts remain on the backburner.

The podcast explores the life of an ordinary individual within the city of Efficiantum as he is suddenly plunged into a world of mystery beyond his understanding. Through his eyes, we see the city for the very first time, and are exposed to some of its first mysteries.

Once the podcast, now known as Tales of Efficianatum, is launched, then I will reveal Phase 2 of the project. Phases 3 and 4 will be formally announced at a later date.

Stay tuned to this blog for weekly updates on the project, and all of the works within. This will be your go-to location for new information about Efficianatum. I hope you like what we’re doing.

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