6/27 Update: Prepping for Opening

Tales of Efficiantum

  • Episode Rough Drafts: 8/8
  • Episodes Edited: 8/8
  • Word Count: 18,060
  • Episodes Record: 8/8
  • Episodes Produced: 1/8

Phase 2

  • Outline Complete
  • First Mechanics Pass Completed

I know I missed last week’s update. Unfortunately, due to prior commitments, I didn’t get anything done that particular week. However, that’s perfectly within my schedule, it was an anticipated lack of work. And this week, I’m just about ready to go.

All the episodes have been recorded, and all the additional dialogue necessary is ready. All that’s left is some production work in order to put all the pieces together, and then things will be ready to go. I’ve made sure to put together Episode 1 first, so it is ready to go right now.

It’s been an amazing learning experience, going from the beginning of this process (two months ago this Friday), to where I am now. The opening few episodes might be a bit rough, might have some audio balancing issues, but they will improve with every episode. I look forward to hearing from all of you once things go live.

If you’re interested in previews, you can find can find the first and second previews on this blog, or subscribe to the feed on iTunes.

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