Corp Report: CrossCity SideSweeping

Area of Function: Sanitation

Number of Personnel: Approximately 500

Overview: CrossCity SideSweeping currently owns a plurality of the work done in the cleaning of public spaces. It began small, but pursued an aggressive policy of mergers and acquisitions, accumulating first its smallest rivals before moving on to larger Corps. Though a few have resisted the efforts of CrossCity SideSweeping, that resistance has proven insufficient in stopping their rise.

Nevertheless, their industry is relatively small, likely unable to form any challenge to become a Greater Corp, unless it radically expands its service area. Attempts to infiltrate the Corp have been limited to date, and unsuccessful, though an individual believed to be one of their Agents with a surgically altered appearance recently was found deceased by the docks. It is unknown what operation the Agent was on, but it is likely that the Corp will soon begin searching for a new Agent.

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