Corp Report: City Hall

Area of Function: Law Enforcement and Law Creation

Number of Personnel: Approximately 6,000

Overview: City Hall is the cornerstone of Efficiantum. Without its presence and its guidance, the city would fall into chaos. It alone of all the Corps keeps to the principles of the Foundation Charter, and it alone has the strength to enforce its edicts. While its personnel count is small, every employee of City Hall is empowered to carry lethal weaponry, and is able to make arrests of those found in violation of the city’s laws.

In addition, the Hunter Council and the Forthwright Plan are both loyal only to City Hall and to its High Autocrat, the Mayor. These resources assure that the power and the strength of City Hall are used precisely where they are needed, rather than wasting their energy in places where it is not necessary.

No infiltration of City Hall is necessary, all employees instead must stand for biannual loyalty tests to assure that they have not been co-opted by outside influences. City Hall also maintains a small number of off-the-books employees working for other Corps in order to help keep its information network up to date.

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