Criminal Dossier: Jasper

Age: 19

Height: 5’1”

Status: Revolutionary

Crimes: Drug Manufacturing, Possession of Illegal Knowledge, Spread of Revolutionary Propaganda

Other Notes: Jasper is one of the most brilliant independent chemists currently in operation. While most of her competitors focus on reproducing illegal chemicals for a quick profit, Jasper has turned her profits into expanding her capital. In addition, she has proven capable of devising new chemicals, with relatively low levels of side effects. While her intellect and rebellious nature make her a problematic presence in the Revolutionary scene, it is suspected that as she ages she will be more interested in the comforts offered by the Corp lifestyle. She is currently allowed to continue her operations and hone her talents, so she can contribute more to Corp recruiters.

Criminal Dossier: Roger

Age: 26

Height: 6’3”

Status: Underground

Crimes: Drug Use, Unemployment, Assault and Battery

Other Notes: Roger leads a small gang of malcontented youths. While his gang represents no larger threat to the city, he himself is known for engaging in violent activity, mostly in terms of intimidating rivals. While his organization lacks the manpower or materiel to be a threat, he is still a target worthy of observation. His active but volatile nature means that he might soon be a target for recruitment by a more dangerous organization, and if so he might prove a weak link allowing for greater infiltration of a more threatening group.

Criminal Dossier: Alex

Age: 25

Height: 5’10”

Status: Underground

Crimes: Drug Use, Unemployment

Other Notes: Alex represents no threat to the organization and operation of the city. They have engaged in minor drug use, and have rejected all attempts at employment. Indeed, they seem to have little in the way of employable skills, besides a talent for the visual arts. They are part of a small street gang of vagrants, apparently childhood friends. Despite having been overheard advocating for radical societal shifts, they seem to lack the drive or organization for such an activity.

Criminal Dossier: The Silkworn Lady

Age: Mid-thirties

Height: 5’3”

Status: Underground

Crimes: Racketeering, Extortion, Possession of Illegal Knowledge

Other Notes: The Silkworn Lady has managed, somehow, to avoid capture, despite wearing ostentatious and readily identified silk clothing, with gold and pearl ornamentation and jewelry. It is suggested that she has the backing of a Gifted, giving her additional information on how to avoid being taken into custody.

She has connections throughout much of the Underground, and uses her influence to gain information on high profile targets, who she extorts to fund her other activities, most of which revolve around taking control of the criminal syndicates in the Underground. It is unknown what her ultimate goals are.

An infiltrated Agent overheard her discussing sensitive information regarding the High Autocrats and the Mayor, that suggests that she is aware of the Clockwork Directive. If she is captured, she is to be placed in a private cell immediately and executed as soon as possible.

Criminal Dossier: The Eepy

Age: Unknown

Height: Unknown

Status: Underground

Crimes: Unknown

Other Notes: The Eepy is the eponymous leader of a dangerous Underground organization. Little information is known about the Eepy themself, save that an individual going by that title has held power for nearly a century. It is believed that it is a legacy position, a title assigned to the leader of the Eeepy organization.

The organization is nearly as obscure as the leader, and all attempts to infiltrate it have failed. Infiltration of other Revolutionary and Underground organizations, though, has shown the Eepy guiding and advising and providing material to those organizations. Those organizations that follow the Eepy’s suggestions have been unusually effective at disrupting actions within the city.