Criminal Dossier: The Silkworn Lady

Age: Mid-thirties

Height: 5’3”

Status: Underground

Crimes: Racketeering, Extortion, Possession of Illegal Knowledge

Other Notes: The Silkworn Lady has managed, somehow, to avoid capture, despite wearing ostentatious and readily identified silk clothing, with gold and pearl ornamentation and jewelry. It is suggested that she has the backing of a Gifted, giving her additional information on how to avoid being taken into custody.

She has connections throughout much of the Underground, and uses her influence to gain information on high profile targets, who she extorts to fund her other activities, most of which revolve around taking control of the criminal syndicates in the Underground. It is unknown what her ultimate goals are.

An infiltrated Agent overheard her discussing sensitive information regarding the High Autocrats and the Mayor, that suggests that she is aware of the Clockwork Directive. If she is captured, she is to be placed in a private cell immediately and executed as soon as possible.

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