Personnel Dossier: Herbert Frankson

Employer: CrossCity SideSweeping

Age: 41

Height: 5’6”

Status: Cog

Other Notes: Frankson, known as “Herb’ to his co-workers has recently been promoted up the ranks to a position in headquarters. This seems to be a result of his hard work and long term service to CrossCIty SideSweeping. An alternate reading, though, suggests that this is an attempt to remove him from the local environment via promotion. Regardless, his record of service does not suggest any particular talent for handling office politics and it is likely that he will not last long in his new position.

Corp Report: The Commissariat

Area of Function: Food Production and Distribution

Number of Personnel: Approximately 50,000

Overview: The Commissariat is the most recent addition to the Great Corps, formed when Efficiantum Open Markets merged with Farfield Grains, to create a single Corp with control over the production and distribution over all food stuffs within Efficiantum. Its sheer size, though, makes it prone to internal strife, and much of its current energy, and that of its High Autocrat, is spent on securing stability, rather than expanding further or engaging in more aggressive ploys.

Infiltration has been successful on multiple levels, which confirms the levels of strife. The High Autocrat has a relatively small number of loyal and active Agents, and so the higher ranked Cogs and Luminaries are currently struggling to achieve dominance within the Great Corp. Since most of these internal factions are opposed to one another, it is likely that these struggles will continue indefinitely.

Efforts may be required if these politics prevent the Commissariat from performing its function. The situation will be monitored carefully to assure that their actions do not excessively destabilize the city.

Criminal Dossier: The Eepy

Age: Unknown

Height: Unknown

Status: Underground

Crimes: Unknown

Other Notes: The Eepy is the eponymous leader of a dangerous Underground organization. Little information is known about the Eepy themself, save that an individual going by that title has held power for nearly a century. It is believed that it is a legacy position, a title assigned to the leader of the Eeepy organization.

The organization is nearly as obscure as the leader, and all attempts to infiltrate it have failed. Infiltration of other Revolutionary and Underground organizations, though, has shown the Eepy guiding and advising and providing material to those organizations. Those organizations that follow the Eepy’s suggestions have been unusually effective at disrupting actions within the city.

Personnel Dossier: Maximillian Newell

Employer: CrossCity SideSweeping

Age: 25

Height: 5’8”

Status: Cog (Agent Potential)

Other Notes: Newell is a graduate of the Orphanage, and has shown exemplary marks in his primary and secondary schooling, allowing him to reach a relatively high position within CrossCity SideSweeping in a short period of time. Little has been observed about him in his current position, though, so it is unknown what future he has in the Corp. If he manages to make good on the promise he demonstrated in school, he may be the one to fill the missing Agent position.

Corp Report: CrossCity SideSweeping

Area of Function: Sanitation

Number of Personnel: Approximately 500

Overview: CrossCity SideSweeping currently owns a plurality of the work done in the cleaning of public spaces. It began small, but pursued an aggressive policy of mergers and acquisitions, accumulating first its smallest rivals before moving on to larger Corps. Though a few have resisted the efforts of CrossCity SideSweeping, that resistance has proven insufficient in stopping their rise.

Nevertheless, their industry is relatively small, likely unable to form any challenge to become a Greater Corp, unless it radically expands its service area. Attempts to infiltrate the Corp have been limited to date, and unsuccessful, though an individual believed to be one of their Agents with a surgically altered appearance recently was found deceased by the docks. It is unknown what operation the Agent was on, but it is likely that the Corp will soon begin searching for a new Agent.