5/29 Update: Roughs Complete!

Tales of Efficiantum

  • Episode Rough Drafts: 8/8
  • Episodes Edited: 7/8
  • Word Count: 18,060
  • Episodes Record: 0/8

Phase 2

  • Outline Complete

The rough drafts for the first season are officially complete! Now, I just need to go through another round of edits, and recording will be able to begin.

Now that I’ve finished the rough drafts, I will be able to go back to earlier episodes and pick up on themes and elements that are developed more later on, and make sure that they have proper antecedents in earlier episodes.

This will also provide me an opportunity to replace certain words that I overuse, and to address some other, more structural issues. For instance, I’ve taken a deliberate effort to make the characters in the story be varied in gender, but I noticed that I’ve done a poor job of making it clear that the characters are also racially diverse. I intend to take efforts to make that more clear in this editing pass.

I currently have a logo in development, and I’m looking forward to sharing that with all of you very soon. Once that’s done, I will also be launching a Twitter account and Facebook page specifically for the project, that you can follow for all updates on upcoming material.

Finally, I’m hoping to have a couple previews to help whet everyone’s appetite. When those, and the accompanying iTunes feed, go live, I will make a more immediate announcement.

Until then, it’s back to the grind of editing for me.

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