6/5 Update: Recording Has Begun

Tales of Efficiantum

  • Episode Rough Drafts: 8/8
  • Episodes Edited: 8/8
  • Word Count: 18,060
  • Episodes Record: 1/8

Phase 2

  • Outline Complete

I have my first episode recorded, and have begun work on the first preview episode, which should be going live sometime before this Friday.

I wound up taking most of last week off. After the thrill of writing the rough drafts had run through me, I realized that I had been exhausted by the work and that I needed a break. But now break time is over! We’re still working on some final editing passes, but those will come much more quickly.

In exchange for me slacking off a bit, I’m going to talk about my process!

I have fashioned a makeshift recording studio out of my bed spread, a heavy turkish blanket, a condenser mic, and an extra long USB cable. Recording in there does an amazing job of reducing background noise to a minimum, always a concern in a house as noisy as my own.

In there though, I’ve become hyper-aware of my own breathing, and part of learning about the recording process has been learning how to control my breathing and keep it from generating excess noise on the mic. After a few rounds of bad recording, I think I’ve managed the trick of it.

After recording comes producing. So far the bulk of the production work has been on putting together clips for the preview episode and managing the sound levels so it all sounds consistent. I’ve also had to figure out how to layer in (and get the rights to) music tracks. I think you’ll like the ones I’ve found so far!

Finally, will be publishing. I’ve done some research into the topic, but getting the preview episode to your ears will be my first time actually doing so. It’s a brave new world out there, and it can be awfully frightening. But I’m confident that I can manage the work without getting too lost.

I look forward to all of you hearing the result of this work and hearing what you all think in response. But tonight, it’s back to the studio to start putting together the audio for episode 2.

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