Corp Report: Medic’s Guild

Area of Function: Medical Licensing and Health Insurance

Number of Personnel: Approximately 20,000

Overview: The Medic’s Guild is one of the oldest Corps in the city, and the only one to pre-date the Foundation Charter. As such, it has a special relationship with City Hall, though fortunately it has a history of conservative High Autocrats, keeping the Corp from engaging in disruptive practices. The Medic’s Guild has remained in its position as a Great Corp since the establishment of the Foundation Charter, and seems unlikely to move from that position.

The services offered by the Medic’s Guild are invaluable to other Corps. They handle the licensing of all medical practitioners within Efficiantum and manage the insuring of all Corp employees. They also fastidiously hunt down unlicensed medics in order to assure their control of medical practice within the city.

Infiltration remains largely passive, and shows little of interest. The Corp remains stable, and unless they are especially careful to hide their plans, it has little interest in expanding beyond its current size and function.

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